So much for that super-duper immune system…

I think it’s unrelated, but it would be misleading if I didn’t mention it amidst all the candy and unicorns I talk about WHM and immune system improvements.

The fifth week of the 10-week WHM course challenges you to do a 10-minute cold shower every day of the week.  I didn’t feel great going into it on the fifth day.  I was feeling cold and my stomach was uneasy.  The shower actually ended up feeling great and I suffered only the last few minutes.

But, later that day I felt like I couldn’t shake the coldness.  I had no appetite.  I took a hot bath to try to warm up, but only felt good briefly.  Around midnight it became apparent I had a stomach virus and my body had started the war against it.  I was up half the night in the bathroom hugging a bucket.  Afterwards, I had no more stomach ache or nausea… but I probably slept 20 of the next 24 hours.  I had a terrible headache, walking to the bathroom drained me of energy, and even typing a phone message to coworkers was difficult.

Although a correlation could be made between my cold showers and getting sick, so could a correlation be made with my exposure to other people who recently had norovirus.  A quick google search today pointed out that norovirus can be contagious up a week after your symptoms subside (!!).  My wife had the exact same thing a week ago and lots of people around us have been getting it, so I think I was next in line anyway, no matter how strong my immune system is.  EDIT:  Yup, this nasty thing is going around: Dreaded [norovirus] wreaks havoc on families — and it’s only going to get worse.

It looks like Week 6 or 7 in the WHM program is where you start focusing on the adrenaline and heat generation.  This is the mechanism you can use to reduce headaches, sore muscles and lack of energy.  I think the body was going to need to do its purge, regardless, but it might’ve been useful for helping me recover, or at least suffer less the following day.

On that note, I felt better today, but not good enough to do any real work.  So I stayed in bed and read through most of Scott Carney’s new book:

What Doesn’t Kill Us: How Freezing Water, Extreme Altitude, and Environmental Conditioning Will Renew Our Lost Evolutionary Strength

Scott Carney is an investigative journalist who approached Wim Hof with the intention to prove that it was a hoax, commissioned for a piece in Playboy Magazine.  He did a week-long course and ended up climbing a small mountain, bare-chested, in 8-deg (F) air by the end of it.  He has since been practicing, studying related topics and writing about it.  Unlike the other book I mentioned a few days ago, this one is a bit more fluffy and philosophical, but remains committed to reality and backing up claims with references as a good investigative journalist would do.    The other book was shorter, and almost more like a survey of current scientific understanding of cold exposure and WHM.  In that sense, I think both are worth reading, for different reasons.


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